Makkah Sightseeing places During Umrah

Places to visit During Umrah in Makkah, as Makkah is the mother of all cities, the birthplace of our beloved Prophet PBUH and the most sacred place for Muslims. Muslims from all over the world flock to Makkah to perform sacred religious obligations of minor and major pilgrimage every year. And during their holy spree they want to visit the sacred and historical place of Islamic history. There are many important places in Makkah to visit during your Umrah tour we make a list of must visit places that you can’t miss during your Umrah trip.

  1. Masjid Al Haram:

    The largest mosque in the world, Masjid e Haram or Grand Mosque can accommodate 1.2 million pilgrims at once. The most sacred and dream place for Muslims houses the black cubic structure ‘Kabah’ and the famous well of holy water ‘Zam Zam’. It is the utmost desire of every Muslim to visit this sacred mosque at least once in his lifetime.

  2. Mina (The City of Tents):

    Mina is a valley 3 miles east of the Makkah where more than 100,000 air-conditioned tents placed for pilgrims during the annual pilgrimage. The Jamarat Bridge id located in the valley of Mina where pilgrims perform another ritual of hajj ‘Stoning the devil’.

  3. Muzdalifah:

    Another sacred place in Makkah, Muzadlifah lies within the province of Makkah. It is a plain flat land located between Mina and Arafat. Spending entire day at Muzdalifah is major ritual of hajj. Pilgrims sleep under the open sky in Muzdalifah and wake up early for prayers. At the top of hill in Muzdalifah there is a sacred mosque.

  4. Cave Hira (Mount Al Noor):

    The renowned cave of Hira where Prophet PBUH got the initial revelations of Quran in 610 BC. The cave is located at the Mount Al Noor, also known as Jabal Al Noor because of the mysterious light shine on the mountain at night. Prophet PBUH needs an isolated place to receive revelations from Angel Jibraeel. Cave Hira is a place where Prophet SAWW spends His time and meditates day and night with provision for himself.

  5. Well of Tuwa:

    Also known as Bir Tuwa, located in one of the valley of Makkah that was once isolated and rugged but now crammed with buildings. Bir Tuwa today is restricted to a well in Jarwal or Tuwa. Prophet SAWW spent night here and in the morning he cleaned himself from the water of this well and entered Makkah. The word ‘Tuwa’ means the pleated well. The famous well is located at the bottom of Makkah in north.

  6. Factory of Kiswah at Umm Al-Jud:

    The famous factory where the Kiswah, cloth that covers the Holy Kabah is produced. Kiswah is the most revered covering, a highly respected cloth in Holy Mosque that you should need to explore while visiting holy city of Makkah. Kiswah passed through several changes throughout the history due to economic and social factor.

  7. Makkah Mall:

    This luxurious mall is dedicated to provide dynamic shopping and dining atmosphere to all visitors in Makkah. Makkah Mall is considered as a unique, diverse and important shopping spot for Muslim visitors by Saudi officials. You can find wide diversity of local and international brands here with many topnotch restaurants. Makkah mall is a great place to visit and to buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

  8. Masjid e Aisha:

    Masjid e Aisha or Masjid e Taneem is located just 4.6 miles south of Makkah. The sacred mosque is close to all boundary points. It is a place where Hazrat Aisha RA announced that pilgrims need to wear Ihram to perform Umrah when Holy Prophet SAWW asked her to do so during the farewell Hajj.

  9. Al Wahba Crater:

    Its unique place in Makkah, located towards the northeast of city. 1 mile long crater is surrounded by 900 foot rugged cliffs. It was once a place for volcanic activities that now turned into a trekking zone with loads of palm trees along the cliffs. The bottom of cliff fills with water during the wet season and turn into a salt-pan in summer.

  10. Jannatul Mu’alla:

    The sacred cemetery is located 10 minutes walking distance from Hoy Mosque, where many of Prophet’s family member and companions are buried including the grave of Bibi Khadija RA (the first wife of Prophet PBUH), Qasim (son of Prophet PBUH), Abdullah Bin Zubair, Abu Talib, Bint Abu Bakar and other members of Prophet’s family. Everyone can visit the graves and pay their respects to the noble people of Islam.

  11. Auction House Makkah:

    Located in the Hilton Tower, Makkah Auction House is worth visiting place in city. Here you can see the ancient gems, unique artefacts and many other fascinating and interesting things. This Auction House gives you the feel of shopping centre where you can see people bidding on the beguiling things.

  12. Mount Abu Qubays:

    The massive Mount Abu Qubays is located near Mount Safa. According to the beliefs, this is the sacred place from where Holy Prophet PBUH pointed His finger towards the moon and it split into half. For Muslim this famous incident holds deep religious significance and pilgrims love to visit this sacred spot.

  13. Site of Battle of Badr:

    The battle of Badr is the most important battle in history of Islam and also in the life of Prophet PBUH as He and His followers were fighting for true religion against the Makkah’s pagan communities. They are just handful in number but fought bravely against the large, well-trained and well-equipped army. Battle of Badar is also mention in Quran. It was fought in Hejaz region of western Arabia in 624 CE. The historical place where this battle happened is must visiting place in Makkah, located 334km away from the city.

  14. Al Jaaranah Mosque:

    This beautiful yet very important place regarding one of hajj basic ritual is now turned to stunning white mosque known as Jaaranah Mosque. It is located towards the northern Makkah and a place where Holy Prophet PBUH clothed himself before travelling towards Makkah for the performance of hajj. The sacred site was surrounded by many date trees and wells that overlook the mosque. To visit this mosque you might need permission letter from authorities.

  15. Thawr Mountain:

    The historical mount is located at the southern end of holy Makkah. The sacred mountain holds immense important in Islamic history as this is the place where our beloved Prophet PBUH spent 3 days in a cave known as Cave Thawr. He SAWW hide here with his most trusted companion and beloved friend Abu Bakar Siddique RA after the persecution in Makkah.

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